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Hypacart; The Online Basket

Hypacart is as an online mall seeks to redefine online shopping experience for students in tertiary institutions in Ghana (currently KNUST, Kumasi). We are proud to be the fastest and most trusted platform as we have the most happy customers. With Hypacart, the customer is always the boss. Hypacart serves you with electronic products of various kinds and brands. No matter your budget or how urgent it is, you can grab all electronic appliances such as phones, computers, laptops, accessories, iphones, smartphones, chargers, televisions (TVs), fridges, iron, washing machine, electric fan, sound system, speakers, air conditioners (AC), and many more on Hypacart without hustle. On Hypacart, it is not just about best prices but also quality. We work hard to provide you with the best brands and dealers in all electronics. Top brands such us Protech, Samsung, Icona, Nasco, Novo, Bruhm, Legacy, Midea, Eskay, Westpool, Binatone, Philips, Kenwood, Italian Homes, LG, TCL, Ronstar and many more are all available on our Hypacart.

Well you can’t catch up with technology and look dull in appearance. We have a wardrobe of fashion products such sneakers, official shoes, african print, dressers and shirts for men and women. We have a large collection of classic watches, bags and variety of clothes for every one.

As a friend of students you can access variety of groceries and hardcore foodstuffs, books and stationery, home improvements, kitchenware, and many more.

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  • Less than 12-hour delivery
  • Low item prices and quality products.
  • You can pay after delivery
  • A readily available assistance, should you need any help from our customer support team.

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