Introduction is a multivendor ecommerce platform, where shops and service providers on and off KNUST campus can come under one umbrella and be connected directly to their consumers (students). On this platform, students can buy all their needs (clothing, footwear, electronics etc) and book services (e.g electronic repairers, laundry, food etc). Students can be able to buy event tickets. Our business idea incorporates an online grocery shop; a session on the website where students can order for all their provisions, foodstuff, and personal effects online. Hypacart will also serve as a platform where students will be able to buy all their semester provisions online while on vacation, and it will be delivered to them when they get to school, saving stress and cost of transportation.


Our service

The main service of this company is to provide a multi-vendor online market where student entrepreneurs and firms promote their businesses and sell their products online.

 Why us?

Our Value Proposition to our customers

  • Less than 24hr delivery
  • Low item prices and quality products.
  • A readily available assistance, should you need any help from our customer support team.

Our Value Proposition to our partners

  • A wide and direct contact to target market (students)
  • High traffic and sales frequency.
  • Constant advertisement on various platforms.
  • Free listing of products and subsidized commission on sales


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